From the Courts
July 9, 2004
Airport official arrested for wounding

Air Traffic Control supervisor, Londrina Edwards of Belair was propelled before the No. 1 Kingstown Magistrate Court early Wednesday morning, days after she landed in trouble with the law.{{more}}
It is alleged that Edwards inflicted several lacerations to the upper body of Ingrid Neverson, a Traffic Warden attached to the Traffic Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.
Reports say Neverson sustained two injuries to her back and one, which took five stitches, to a shoulder.
Edwards was arrested and charged with wounding.
However, on Wednesday morning, the pregnant Neverson laboured up the flight of stairs to the court room and, with great dispatch, informed the court that she did not wish to give evidence against the accused. As a result, the charge against Edwards was dismissed for want of prosecution.