From the Courts
July 2, 2004
10 years for sex with girl eleven

Deidrick De Bique of Troumaca was sentenced to ten years in prison Tuesday when a nine-member jury found him guilty of having unlawful sexual intercourse with an 11-year-old girl.{{more}}
The court heard that this happened on a date between April 30, 2000 and June 1, 2000, but the girl did not make the allegation until two years later. The prosecution said one day, the girl went to the public bath in her village. There, she saw De Bique who told her to come for some money which her father had given him to give her. She followed him to the bath where he told her to take off her clothes. She refused but later gave in after he insisted. The court also heard that her took off he underwear and had sexual intercourse with her. De Bique, who was not represented by legal counsel, denied the allegation. He contended that there was no bath at the location the girl claimed at the time because he was working with Gibson’s Construction Company and he was involved in the demolition of the bath. Police said when the complaint was made by the girl, the bath had already been demolished.The trial Judge, Justice Fredrick Bruce-Lyle, said there was no evidence as to the time the bath was demolished.