From the Courts
June 18, 2004

Judge “fed up” with brutal killings

A resident High Court Judge has expressed disgust with the senseless murders in this country.
Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle voiced his views on Tuesday afternoon during the June sitting of the criminal assizes.{{more}}
“What I don’t understand is why people have to die because of some stupid argument. One has to have regard for human life. Human life is not so cheap. All you hear on the street is, “I’m going to shoot you. I will chop you down,” the Judge commented.
Justice Bruce-Lyle’s comments came at the conclusion of a murder case.
“I am really getting fed up of these kinds of offences- people killing people for all kinds of stupidness,” he added.
Last year, this country recorded twelve murders, for eleven of which the Major Crime Unit made arrests.
So far this year, there have been five reports of murder, and police have made arrests for three. The first murder occurred on March 15, when 15-year-old Carlson Williams of Questelles was hacked to death. The most recent murder occurred at Paul’s Avenue on June 7, when 26-year-old Dwight Stapleton of Gibson Corner was shot to death.
No one has as yet been arrested for that murder.