From the Courts
May 7, 2004
British visitor freed of cocaine charge

The Serious OffenceS Court acquitted a British visitor on Tuesday when the prosecution withdrew a cocaine charge against her.
After two months on remand awaiting trial, 32-year-old Beverly Browne was released into the custody of Immigration authorities. She was arrested May 5 and charged with possessing ten pounds of cocaine with intent to supply, after Narcotics police searched and found packages of cocaine in her suitcase as she awaited a LIAT flight to Grenada for a connecting flight to England. {{more}}
When she first appeared in court, she was represented by the law firm of Williams Williams and Williams. She pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody. When she returned to court, she maintained her innocence as Jamaican national Wendell Lee took the rap. Lee was sentenced to 30 months in jail for the offence.
Former Attorney General, Arthur Williams said Browne was persuaded by Lee to join him in this country. The evening before they were due to return to England, they packed their suitcases and Browne went out with some friends. While she was out, someone whom Lee was supposed to meet went to the hotel, collected the suitcases from him and packed the illegal substance in them. He said that Browne did not know the drug was in her suitcase.
After Williams led evidence that the drug belonged to Lee and Browne had no knowledge of it, he intimated that in the circumstance the prosecution should withdraw the charge against Browne.
Prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche told the court he was not proceeding any further against Browne.