January 28, 2014
‘Life can’t be the same with me again’

Life for Stella James will never be the same again.

Last Friday marked one month since the Cane Grove resident lost her youngest daughter, Keslia James and granddaughter, Shalani Headley, in the December floods.{{more}}

On December 24, the two were among a group of family, who left their house, after it began to flood. While trying to make their way to the main road, the group was caught by the raging water, which claimed the lives of Keslia and Shalani.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited James over the weekend, she expressed how much she misses them both.

“Me na eat up to now neither. Me mostly drink water and little juice but me can’t feel good at all. Since the death, it doesn’t feel nice. Me miss the little girl too bad; too bad me tellin’ yo,” she revealed. “Me bawl for a month. Me bawl for a whole month. Life can’t be the same with me again.”

Kavorn James, Keslia’s older sister told SEARCHLIGHT that it has been hard for her since her sister died.

Describing her sister as an outgoing and fun-loving person, Kavorn stated that she and Keslia had a very close relationship.

“We just miss them everyday,” the sister said.

Colleen James, Shalani’s mother, had journeyed from Canada to spend the holidays with her family, when the natural disaster claimed the life of her last child.

Although having lost her travel documents in the flood, she was able to obtain new ones and returned to Canada on January 9.

On Saturday, a funeral was held in Canada for 2-year-old Shalani, whose body was found five days after the disaster.

Keslia was buried at the San Souci cemetery on January 4, following her funeral service, which took place at the Union Methodist Church.

James, whose house sits only a few feet away from the river, is hoping that something is done to fix the river, which has extensively eroded its banks.

“If it na go good, it will still happen again,” she said. (BK)