Message for World Cancer Day
February 3, 2012
Message for World Cancer Day

Fri, Feb 3. 2012

“Cancer”, “Malignant”, “Cancerous”.

These are words no human loves to hear! Yet it is a part of our human existence! Nationally and internationally, the incidence of cancer is increasing and no organ of the body is exempted. CANCER can start in any organ of the body, “from head to toe” as we say locally. Equally, anyone can be affected. It is no respecter of persons!{{more}}

Medical professionals do not know everything about cancers, but there are many things we do know, and as human beings we should act wisely in the interest of life and health.

For World Cancer Day 2012 (February 4, 2012), we should seek to prevent cancers as much as possible. It is well established that certain practices and behaviours increased the risk of developing cancer. These include smoking (cancer of the tongue, throat, lungs, bladder, stomach); Alcohol (cancers of the stomach, pancreas, brain); synthetic foods (stomach, blood); asbestos inhalation (lungs); chemicals exposure (skin etc).

As wise, intelligent human beings, we should seek to avoid cancer causing behaviours and practices.

Additionally, early detection of certain cancers can lead to control, and in some cases cure! It is, therefore, wise to participate in SCREENING programmes. In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there are many such cancer screening activities available to the entire population. These include: pap smear (Cervix), regular breast examination (Breasts), PSA blood test (Prostate), Endoscopy (Stomach, Colon) etc.

For World Cancer Day 2012, I appeal to all our citizens to focus on prevention and screening of cancer. Let us do those things which will decrease the risk of developing cancers, such as healthy eating, regular exercises, adequate rest, positive and cheerful thinking. And for those individuals and families who are affected by cancers, seek out all available assistance for treatment and cure.

In the final analysis, the human arm may fail to support and comfort, but the outstretched and all powerful arms of Jehovah God will hold, hug and comfort all those who trust in Him.