Healthy Hearing
March 29, 2011
Healthy Hearing


Frequently asked Questions:

1. How would you know if your loved one has a hearing loss?

The answer is “yes” if your loved one experiences any three of the following:

  • Speaking too loudly{{more}}
  • Turning up the television/ radio more than is needed
  • Confused when he/she is spoken to
  • Always asking you to repeat yourself

2. If you do have a hearing loss, will you need to wear a hearing aid?

The extent of your hearing deficit will determine the need for a hearing aid.

3. Are hearing aids available in St. Vincent & the Grenadines?

Yes! Ultra modern, digital, remote-controlled hearing aids are available in SVG.

4. If you start wearing hearing aids, will you become dependent on them?

Wearing your hearing aid enables you to hear all the sounds you were missing and you’ll probably find that you don’t want to be without them.

5. If you don’t treat your hearing loss, will it get worse?

It depends on the type of hearing loss you have, so you should first have your hearing tested by a competent Audiologist/Audiometrist.

6. Would wearing hearing aids improve your sex life?

Persons wearing their aids have reported improvements in many areas including relationships, self-confidence, social life, self-esteem and yes, even in their sex lives, due to an improved quality of life, especially being able to hear the softly-spoken, gentle words of that special someone.

For further information contact:
Ms. Shannon Durrant BSc. BSA Certified Audiometrist
784 457 0317 /533 0541 or email