January 9, 2009
New Year Message by the Hon. Mike Browne


2009 will see the nation continue on its progressive developmental path despite difficult external circumstances. The policies and programmes outlined in the 2009 budget will lead to further progress. But to buttress this progress, we must all work harder in 2009 than we did in 2008.{{more}}

In West St. George, 2008 ended with a momentum that we will carry forward into this year. Some twelve (12) projects were recently completed or in a state of near completion: (1) Spicy road, (2) Dallaway wall (3) Belmont rest-rooms (4) Belmont look-out (5) Upper Cane Hall steps (6) Harry-Ross road (Arnos Vale) (7) Dauphine retaining-wall (8) Dauphine playing-field (9) Winston Davis (Villa) (10) Belair main-road (11) Errol Caine’s new house (12) Two Roads river-defence.

I will continue my programme of weekly visits to all nine polling divisions as well as being at my constituency-office at Belair weekly.

Our Ministry looks forward to receiving the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Poverty Assessment Report since this will not only allow us a clear understanding of the current state of poverty in the country but permit us to make definitive interventions to address this scourge. We bear in mind that poverty elimination is our number two (2) priority.

Best wishes to all Vincentians at home and abroad!