Van driver describes NOBA’s action as ‘foolish’
September 22, 2006

Van driver describes NOBA’s action as ‘foolish’

A twenty years veteran of the mini bus business regards the National Omni Busses Association (NOBA) as “foolish” for not giving the prime minister’s proposal a chance.

Joseph Haynes who owns and operates the mini bus “Joey” told SEARCHLIGHT that NOBA was inconsiderate and too hasty in their decision to call out their members to strike on Wednesday and he refused to be a part of it.{{more}}

Haynes said that if the government had totally disregarded the mini bus operators’ plight in the face of constantly increasing fuel prices then he would have been the first to call for the action.

However, he believed the prime minister’s offer was reasonable and should be given a few months and then reassessed.

Haynes, who plies the Kingstown to Glen route, said some of the very vans undercut their brothers by not enforcing the current fares so an increase in fares may not even be beneficial.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he sees much wisdom and tangible benefits that can be derived from the fuel subsidy and the other such subsidies being considered by Government including that on tyres and brakes shoes.

Other Mini bus operators who defied their union’s call gave varying reasons for their defiance.

One driver who wished to remain anonymous told SEARCHLIGHT that he had bills to pay and could not afford to strike.

Another stated that he planned to strike but when he saw vans from his village working he decided to “go get that paper” (make the money) that was flowing more easily because of the decreased number of working mini buses.