June 9, 2006
The Constitution proper

PART II of IV: The Constitution of SVG
by Cedric Harold 09.JUN.06


Clause 1:

The name of the State will be Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but this will often be abbreviated to SVG in what follows.

Clause 2:

The name of nationals of the State is Vincentian, but the name Vincy is an acceptable alternative.

Clause 3:

Our language lacks a neutral word to designate male and female citizens. For brevity, and in keeping with ancient tradition, we will often use the male version (he, him, his) as if those words were neutral, i.e. to refer comprehensively to female and male Vincentians.{{more}}

Clause 4:

Where the word “parliament” is used, one should understand this as a reference to both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Clause 5:

All candidates nominated for any elected office whatsoever must be adult Vincentians who do not have a criminal record and who have never been declared bankrupt.

Clause 6:

A Vincentian for purposes of holding office is defined as someone born in SVG with at least one of his parents being Vincentian, or if born outside of SVG, to parents who at the time were studying abroad or posted abroad to some duty. In addition, he must have lived in the State at least 7 years prior to nomination, and must have spent at least 7 years attending school in SVG (where school here means any combination of primary, secondary or tertiary educational institution in SVG).

Clause 7:

Persons nominated by the President to his Executive must be Caricom citizens provided that the overwhelming majority of them are Vincentian as defined above. If they are non-Vincentian Caricom citizens, they must have been resident in the State at least one year prior to nomination. All nominees must convince the Senate that they have relevant expertise in the area in which they are called to serve.

Clause 8:

It will be expedient for the Executive or one of its agencies to declare some action or proposed action as being in or not being in the public interest. In every such case, the matter must be put to a standing joint committee of the Senate and Judiciary within three days for a determination to be made on such matters. The Executive or its agency must be prepared to nullify its action immediately should the committee disagree with its judgement.

Article I:

This Constitution establishes SVG as a Republic within the British Commonwealth of Nations, with a President as Head of State and Chief Executive.

Article II:

This Constitution guarantees all the rights and freedoms set out in the Preamble subject to such limitations as are designed to ensure that the enjoyment of such rights and freedoms by any person does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of others or the public interest; provided however that no limitation may be made that is contrary to the intent prescribed in the Preamble.

Article III:

The Legislative Branch of government.

Section 1:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in the Parliament of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

This section is reserved for details of the House of Representatives.

Section 2:

This section is reserved for details of the Senate.

Article IV:

The Executive Branch of government.

Article V:

The Judicial Branch of government.

Article VI:

The Amendment Process.