March 31, 2006
Bowman behind GECCU’s success

If one has to pinpoint a single factor behind the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union’s rise, fingers will point at Lennox Bowman. He came to GECCU as general manager January 1, 1999. He brought to that institution a wealth of experience in the financial sector, and everything seems to have gelled once he was appointed Manager.

“You get a lot of opportunities to put training and experience to work for an institution,” Bowman said.{{more}}

If there is a case of anyone enjoying his duties it is Lennox Bowman. And he was open enough to admit it.

“My job allows me to merge my two greatest strengths: financial management and interaction with people,” Bowman said. He describes himself as a “people person,” and also a “financial manager.”

“My vision for GECCU is for it to be the first name that comes to your mind when you think of financial services in St. Vincent and the Grenadines,” Bowman outlined.

He paid tribute to what he termed “volunteers: past and present and most of all Staff whose level of excitement in the pursuit of our objectives provides real encouragement.”

Father of two children, Michaela and Shaka, Bowman paid tribute to GECCU. He described it as “the fastest growing institution in the country.”

He described GECCU’s success in a succinct manner. “It’s about scanning your environment, strategically looking at things, creating a strategic thinking in the organisation.”

He cited those actions as helping you “to see the pitfalls before they arrive.”

“It’s a question of being proactive rather than being reactive,” Bowman declared.

One with something of a national outlook, Bowman has family roots in the interior Marriaqua district as well as in the North Leeward village of Rose Bank.

He attributed GECCU’s success to the “highest quality corporate governance, from the Board right down. Bowman hails from the Central Kingstown region of Kingstown Park but resides in the East Kingstown area of Sion Hill. He has been involved in community work from age 11, and served as National Youth Council President for the 1983/84 period.

Besides his expertise in the financial circles, Bowman has distinguished himself in the musical arena on his own merit.

He has produced a number of hit songs, at carnival, and especially for the Nine Mornings celebrations. He has also written for a number of other artistes. No wonder GECCU has leapt by such leaps and bounds.