March 31, 2006
• Some faces you see at GECCU

Cornelia Moses: Administrative Assistant

Moses has been with GECCU for over 12 years. A resident of McKies Hill, Moses regards GECCU’s $100 million landmark as a “wonderful achievement.”

“Our members have been very loyal. We owe it to them,” Moses said. She also paid tribute to the volunteers.

Her vision for GECCU is for it to “expand our routine service to the lower level (of the building on Halifax Street).”{{more}}

Moses is a beneficiary of GECCU’s training programme. But she has also benefited from Business Management and Finance training at Brooklyn College New York, USA. She is a fitness fanatic, and is always in the gym. Her physique reflects it. But GECCU is also a beneficiary, for the energy she exudes is contagious.


Joanne Stowe/Power: Asst. Recoveries Officer

Power has been attached to GECCU for the past 18 years. She attributes GECCU’s achievement to the “hardworking staff,” as well as to “members’ loyalty in repaying loans promptly.”

She also praised the “prudent management” whom she described as working with a strategic plan. “They don’t do things haphazardly.”

Power is “very proud” of GECCU’s 100 million dollar achievement.

“The achievement will make our members proud and boost their confidence.”

“My prayer is that GECCU goes from strength to strength,” Power declared.

“We aim to be the first choice financial institution of our members and the general public,” Power stated.


Gertrude Jacobs: Loans Supervisor

Jacobs has been with GECCU for the past six years. But on closer examination, she can be regarded as the genuine Credit Unionist.

“I don’t know if I am qualified to work anywhere else than with Credit Unions,” she declared.

Jacobs has been working in the Credit Union sector for the past 25 years. “We are providing a service for everybody,” Jacob indicated.

She highlighted GECCU’s contribution to the housing expansion, which has characterised the nation especially in recent times. She boasted of GECCU’s one million dollar input to the Low Income Houses, at Peters Hope, Green Hill, Colonarie and Sans Souci.

“Persons can apply for land and house and make it one transaction,” Jacobs pointed out.

Jacobs has benefited from lots of Credit Union training, including studies in Social Development in Canada. She also trained at the St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies in Accounting. And having completed Mortgage Underwriting training, Jacobs is satisfied that she has played her role in the advancement of Credit Unionism in St. Vincent and Grenadines.


Maxine Richards: Accountant

Maxine Richards has been working at Geccu for three and half years. She describes GECCU as a “strong organisation.”

Richards is a student of finance and accounting who has served as auditor in an accounting firm. Her bond with GECCU is deep. She pointed out: “It helps the economy and our members.”

She emphasised that the country benefits “because of the contribution we make to the general public.”

Richardson is humble about GECCU’s accomplishment and stated: “It’s just a start. We’re in a strong financial position. We are growing.”

As far as Richardson is concerned, GECCU is here to stay.

“We have a long life as one of the leading financial institutions,” she mentioned.

Richards is pleased with her attachment at GECCU. She paid homage to the staff, members and Board.

“They have helped me to mature and grow. I enjoy every challenge. It’s like a working experience for me,” she outlined.


Leslie Joseph: Senior Accounting Officer

Joseph has been working with GECCU since February 2000. He believes that GECCU’s landmark “is a great achievement. Judging from where I knew they were, you have to give management and staff a lot of credit.”

Joseph credits “proper management” as one factor for GECCU’s advances.

“You have to give the Board of Directors some credit for sound financial decisions,” he said.

Like most of the GECCU staff, Joseph has benefited from training in house, locally and regionally.

He wants to see the organisation move into a “new physical complex,” which he believes will coincide with the landmark achievement. And he believes that “continued training and members’ education are crucial.”

He thinks highly of the relationship with “members and the public.”

“Education of members is important,” he suggested and added: “Don’t wait on them to come in. Go and meet them. Educate them in whatever form it takes.”

Joseph is an ardent sport lover and enjoys cricket and football.

He is confident that GECCU “would be around for a long time.”


Damoris Alexander: Internal Auditor

Alexander has been working with GECCU for the past 20 years. She is therefore well placed to speak on its behalf.

She noted that: “ GECCU has come a long way. I am glad to be part of this organisation that has achieved this landmark,” she said. She has attributed the success to members, staff and Committees.

From the South Windward district of Biabou, Alexander enhanced her position with a certificate in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies through a Distance Learning Programme.

She also received training at the Caribbean Union College in Trinidad and Tobago.

She is satisfied with GECCU’s entrenchment in the school system, but she would like to see the youngsters “become full-fledged GECCU members, even before they start working.”

She outlined that GECCU is “helping everybody.”

She highlighted the Mortgage programme which, she indicated, has provided members with Low Income Houses as well as residences for Middle Class people. She is a committed Credit Unionist and is of the view that the “Credit Union should be a household word in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Alexander enjoys writing poetry.


Bernadette Culzac/John: Junior Insurance Clerk

Bernadette has been working with GECCU for ten years. She is proud of her roots at Rose Place, at the Western end of Capital City Kingstown.

She is “very proud to have been associated with such a thriving organisation.” She has seen the fall and rise of many a credit union.

She is perhaps the GECCU Public Relations Officer, a task she has embraced on her own volition and for which she has prepared.

She has grasped any opportunity available for advancement, and has taken the trouble to apprise herself of GECCU’s tenets.

Her experience in the Loan Department has prepared her for her current tasks.

She is proud of her rapport with the rest of the staff and stated that they “see each other as brother and sister.”

She would like to see “all staff with a positive attitude to the organisation,” and she is confident that she will live to see a “ripe old age with GECCU.”

Married and mother of three, Bernadette is a live wire at GECCU. She played for the GECCU netball team, but perhaps her best pleasure is singing Karaoke.


Sharon Mason: Loans officer

If there is ever a case of one born into GECCU, Sharon Mason is a classic example.

Her mother served on several of GECCU’s Committees, and her father, the legendary Frank O. Mason, was president at one time. She has been indoctrinated in the GECCU philosophy from early childhood.

Sharon is a GECCU stalwart, having worked there for 22 years.

She thinks that the institution’s landmark is “a great achievement.”

“I was here since they were a little over $1 million. To be part of $100 million is a proud moment for me,” she said.

She attributes GECCU’s “ability to reach the lower and middle classes” as a factor in GECCU’s success.

She pointed to “good service, and sound management” as additional factors.

Mason was exposed to a wide range of Credit Union training. This has been made possible through GECCU’s open policy to staff enhancement.

Her advice to GECCU is for them to continue giving their best service to members and update services “to go on for another how many years and make another hundred million.”


Prenella Holder: Cashier

Prenella is another GECCU stalwart. She has been with GECCU for 24 years. She is proud that the organisation is growing.

She thinks that “good management, hard working staff and dedicated members” have contributed to GECCU’s landmark.

Mother of one son and with one grand daughter, Holder has also benefited from GECCU’s training.

As a Christian, Holder’s prayer is that “GECCU continues to grow stronger and meet members’ needs.”

She is originally from the area of New Prospect but resides at Akers in the Marriaqua valley.

She had early education at the Biabou Primary and Adelphi Secondary schools.


Balwin Johnney: Loans Oficer

His is a case of a conscientious and progressive youngster. He is from the South Windward village of Biabou, and with ten years experience at GECCU, he seems to be just settling into his groove. Since GECCU launched its Mortgage programme in 2003, Johnney has been entrusted with additional responsibility. He is a certified Mortgage Underwriter, having been trained through the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Home Mortgage Programme.

In addition to providing money for Low-Income houses, there is a 100 per cent mortgage facility, which GECCU supports.

He is happy to have seen the “growth in the construction and acquisition of houses.”

He is one with a practical outlook, and has determined that “nothing good in life comes easy.”

Therefore he has no regret making whatever sacrifice is necessary in order to fulfil his needs. He has a Certificate in Business Administration from the UWI, done through a Distance Learning exercise.

His stint at GECCU, according to him, “means that I am happy being part of an institution like GECCU.”

He praised its management and outlined: “They are interested in seeing staff members develop themselves,”

Johnney lauded the efforts of general manager Lennox Bowman whom he said “offered personal encouragement for staff to develop, and ensures that each member is competent to handle his/her area.”