Calliaqua Anglican School Advancing in Technology
March 3, 2006

Calliaqua Anglican School Advancing in Technology

The Calliaqua Anglican School is now better by far in relation to technological advances. A brand new Dell computer system along with DVD’s and a quantity of school supplies were donated by the “Better by Far Foundation” last Tuesday to the school located in East St. George. {{more}}

Chairperson of the Foundation, Winfield Tannis said the donation was made possible by Jahi Hasanati of the Miracle Centre based in Miami, Florida. Tannis highlighted the fact that the organisation’s main purpose is to serve the Vincentian public and also the people of Calliaqua.

Principal Yvette Bowens said that she was very appreciative of the donations from the foundation, of which she is also a part. Bowens urged the Corporate community in Calliaqua and around St. Vincent and the Grenadines to invest in the school as the students are the leaders of tomorrow.

Area representative, Hon. Clayton Burgin, Minister of Transport and Works, said that it is good to see an organization making a worthwhile contribution to education development. Minister Burgin said he wants to ensure that the school is one of the top institutions in the country on the academic scale. For the upcoming Common Entrance Examinations in May he hopes to see the grade six students place in the top one hundred or even the top ten. The school’s choir ended off the presentation with a song.