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Embracing family values

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Liberty Lodge Young Leaders Project 2006 – part 3

We understand that when we embrace we are thinking of hugging and holding and very often we are happy in doing this type of action. When this action is done within the family it gives a feeling of security. Today I want to look at some of the ways by which we can continue to embrace our family values.{{more}}

The word “family” in its simplest form means the ones who are responsible for providing our food, clothing and shelter. The things they do to make us happy and what they instill in us as virtues and qualities so that as we grow we can become worthwhile citizens, these actions we consider to be values.

Some of these values are love, honesty, obedience, self-respect and the respect of others, cleanliness and the act of sharing. You will realize that as wards of the government we live together and our immediate biological parents are not present here. You may also be wondering if we were never taught some of the values that I have mentioned. The truth is some of us were and others left to our destruction. Our new caregivers are all part of this big family and the values that would help to make us worthwhile individuals are being instilled in us through this medium.

Some of us were never accustomed to the idea that our hair must be combed and now we are taught that. We still at times refuse to do so, I think the boys love to have our House Mother Mrs. Jackson combing our hair, buttoning our shirts and seeing that our teeth are clean. This might not be much to some; but, for us it is a bundle of love we were not used to. It is no wonder as Mrs. Jackson arrives at work some of us crowd around her, just to help with her bag or any other item she may be carrying.

From time to time small tokens are given to us by members of staff. When things like this are done it makes us feel so appreciated. These actions teach us that someone still loves us. Through these actions we in turn will love and show respect to them.

Glenroy Caesar