November 25, 2005
Our environment is a reflection of us

This people’s organisation is dedicated to preserving the environments in which we live and move and have our being.

We concern ourselves with our history, the structures which remind us of it, the pleasant memories that we cherish, the unpleasant ones we dare not forget lest we allow them to happen again and the misrepresentations of those who governed us, which we must correct if we are not to believe their lies and denigrate ourselves and our ancestors in the eyes of our children.{{more}}

The National Trust is the people looking after the people, preserving our memories, our culture, our monuments, our technologies, providing an anchor for those in the diaspora, forced to live among other cultures which are often hostile to us. We seek to preserve familiar spaces and structures, spaces not only physical but mental too, so that when they return for periods, however brief, they can feel at home in spaces familiar to mind and body.

The National Trust is the people looking after the environment, seeking to stop destruction, seeking to remind ourselves that as we destroy our environment, we destroy ourselves. As we pollute the land with our garbage, the sea with our effluent, the air with the poisonous gases we generate, we ourselves become sick, weak and mentally troubled. Our environment is a reflection of us; we must take care, lest, in our careless destruction of the forests and fields, rivers and streams, mangroves and reefs, we destroy our home ourselves.

The National Trust is the people looking after our cities and towns, providing a buffer between those who would use every space to build ugly structures dedicated to their greed, those who would let our historic buildings rot and crumble into the dust, those who would leave no green spaces, who would block every visual access to the sea and its soothing effects on the mind and body, who would allow the streams flowing through our towns to become silted up, dirty, eyesores.

The National Trust is the people, the conscious people, daring to stand up for the National good.

Are you willing to become one of these people? Will you stand up for the environment, for our history, our arts, our customs, our positive ways of life. Will you?

The National Trust invites you to become part of the return to consciousness, part of a revival, a reawakening, a return to an awareness of things around you, an option for truth, beauty and a better way of life.

Take an option for your country, for “yourself”. Join the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Trust; it’s a “people’s thing”.

This is the last of the ‘Building Trust’ series. Look out for the general meeting in January and come.

• Register your telephone number or email with us and be sure of a personal invitation. Tel.4512921 or email: svgntrust@vincysurf.com