Sunsail team keeps customers coming
October 21, 2005

Sunsail team keeps customers coming

In any business, efficient service is a key to getting customers to come back for more and the staff at Sunsail provide just that. Here’s your opportunity to get to know four of the young and friendly persons who serve you at Sunsail.

• Alex Dickson, 23, Address: Barrouallie – Hospitality (one year ){{more}}

Alex makes sure that the bars and other facilities are well stocked and ready for the day. The petite young lady aspires to further developing her skills in the hospitality industry since satisfying the customer gives her personal satisfaction. She is open to feed back and observant and is always striving to improve the efficiency of Sunsail.

Alex hopes to one day own a luxurious restaurant.

• Kemron Baptiste, 17, Address: Chateaubelair – Bartender (6 months)

This young man is an all-rounder and is ready to cater to your needs. Kemron knows the importance of being flexible and says that he does not back down from performing any other duty at Sunsail.

With this “go getter” attitude Kemron knows the importance of teamwork and fits in if a waiter or an extra person at the dock is needed. Kemron boasts that the management of Sunsail is the best and loves the treatment and benefits he gets as a member of staff. He noted, “Sunsail staff is allowed to go to England for just US$100, as long as they pay their airfare to go to Antigua, because Sunsail is an international company with its’ own plane. We are constantly trained so that we give the best service to the people who visit Sunsail, so that they will come again.”

• Samantha Primus, 21, Address: Belmont – Waitress (one month)

Samantha always has that friendly smile which calms down the most restless customer. She explains that the key is not to be aggressive but to understand the moods of every individual. Samantha loves being around other members of the staff and finds them easy to deal with. She said, “It is not stressful at Sunsail and it is a great learning environment. I get to move around and learn different things so when customers ask questions, I can answer.”

• Cheneke Edwards, 18, Address: Georgetown – Assistant Cook –

(9 months)

Cheneke was first trained as waitress but later explored the option of being an assistant cook and has never looked back. She has received training in Antigua and said this has helped to build her confidence. She enjoys preparing the dishes on the menu but noted that most Sunsail regulars seem to love the Grilled Chicken and Club Sandwich best. Cheneke praised the management for the treatment given to the staff and said this helps the team work better.

• Natasha John, 26, Address: Arnos Vale – Waitress (2 weeks)

Although she has been at Sunsail for just 2 weeks, already Natasha has fit in just right. She said so far everything is good and she enjoys working with the staff. Natasha hopes to get more training from Sunsail and believes in treating everyone the same. She stressed, “I treat everyone with the same respect, because once they come at Sunsail I know I have to give them their money’s worth and more.”