September 23, 2005
Leptospirosis can be prevented


Leptospirosis has surfaced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has everyone talking.

Although this disease is deadly, it can be prevented by the application of some simple preventative methods.

Some of these methods include;

1. Cover your garbage bin with a tight fitting lid.

2. Do not bathe in water from questionable sources.

3. Wear shoes when going outside.

4. Do not eat rat-bitten food.

5. Store all utensils properly.

6. Do not dispose of food scraps in drains and back yards.{{more}}

This disease is transmitted by saliva, urine and faeces of mice and rats. Humans and domestic animals can be affected by this disease. The organism is called Leptospira.

It enters the body through open wounds or through the mucous membrane of mouth and eyes.

To date, there are only four (4) confirmed cases.

To prevent further outbreaks, the Insect Vector Control Unit will be implementing a Rodent Control Programme to reduce the rat population to a controllable level.

This programme is as a result of the current leptospirosis situation in the country and will commence in the community of Barrouallie. It involves the identification of conditions that support rat population, determination of rat population, clean up campaign, rat baiting, clean up and Health Education at Schools, and Community groups. For this programme to be successful, residents must clean their premises, join in the clean up campaign and practice proper garbage disposal by using the garbage disposal system.

• This Article was provided by the Insect Vector Control Unit.