A better world is possible!
September 16, 2005
A better world is possible!

Message from Ambassador JOSE ALVAREZ PORTELA

Ambassador of Cuba to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Dear brothers and sisters:

On the occasion of the 25 Anniversary of the establishment of the Cuba-SVG Scholarship Programme, allow me to congratulate the People, especially the parents and relatives of the students and the Governments of SVG for the confidence that has been placed in this programme of cooperation during the last 25 years. {{more}}

I want to congratulate; first of all, all Vincentians who graduated from Cuban universities. I am sure that the knowledge and experience acquired in Cuba will be used to the further development of SVG.

On the other hand, I want to tell you something. It is true that the programme has served your country so very well, but remember that the programme has also served Cuba well, because we have had the opportunity to share with you our mutual culture, civilization and experiences in order to become more integrated as a Caribbean people. I want to thank you for that opportunity given by you to our people. We learn a lot from you.

Additionally, the scholarship programme has served also, to show to the entire world, that the best way to obtain progress and the peace is through international and bilateral cooperation.

I am sure that the friendly relationship between our Peoples and Governments will continue to deepen and improve in the future.

A better world is possible.

Thank you.