Pastor: Guide your children on better path
June 17, 2005
Pastor: Guide your children on better path

Stephen Ollivierre has been a Financial Advisor at British American Insurance Company for the past eight years. But the most distinguishing factor about him is his service to the Lord. He is a Minister of Religion at the Kingdom Life Tabernacle in Mesopotamia, a dedication he attributes to his fatherly instincts. {{more}}

“It helps in a lot of ways. It helps you to guide your children on a better path of life,” Ollivierre said.

“It helps you train them in the right way,” he added.

For this disciple of Christ, preaching is an earnest exercise.

“The best thing you can do is serve God,” he declared. “Live for Him; he will help you to be a better example.”

Ollivierre is the caring father of two sons: Stephan, nine, and Joshua six, both Kingstown Preparatory School students.

He and his wife Vilma share a great relationship with their children.

Ollivierre was born in Trinidad and Tobago though his mother is from the Northern Grenadine Island of Bequia, but he and his family live at Calliaqua.

He is outspoken, and pointed to the irresponsible nature of men.

“A lot of times, people act irresponsibly with sex,” Ollivierre said.

He has frank words for his fellow men: “All men should become more responsible, whether you are Christian or not. If you don’t stay close to your children, there is a good chance they could become delinquent.”

A conscientious father, Ollivierre added: “Stick with them. Take care of them financially. Give them moral support, encourage them in their school work.”

Testimony indeed of someone deserving of having been chosen by his firm as a exemplary father.