June 10, 2005
Serving Our Customers

St. Vincent Brewery Limited has the world’s best known brands and the most efficient technology driven distribution system that reaches our consumers in a way no other consumer product company ever has. We reach consumers by placing our brands within arm’s reach of desire; we reach them with creative advertising; we reach them by effective and relevant sponsorships both regionally and nationally. {{more}}St. Vincent Brewery Limited knows that it is good at all this.

But when our consumers reach out to us – with a question or a problem or a compliment, we have to be as good at responding to them as we are at making them respond to us. To do this we have established a consumer response center. The consumer response center has the following objectives:

• To be responsive to the needs of the individual consumers.

• To inform and educate consumer concerns.

• To take positive action to correct the root causes of problems.

• To resolve individual problems before they become issues.

The first steps in consumer response are usually the most important, which is why we have trained personnel at our consumer response center. In addition all our employees understand the consumer response system, they know who the consumer response personnel are and they ensure that inquires/complaints are referred to them promptly. The key is to speed the flow of information and communication, increasing the level of service to the consumer.

St. Vincent Brewery Limited consumer response center is built on uniquely strong relationships with consumers. It is our job to nurture those relationships by serving as the eyes, ears and voice – and often the heart – of our brands for consumers who take the time to get in touch. Nothing is more important.