e@gles Payroll Package 2000 a must for region
May 13, 2005

e@gles Payroll Package 2000 a must for region

e@gles Payroll Package 2000 is a computerized payroll package designed to work with any size Caribbean business.

“Payroll is one of the major expenses of any business, but now you can eliminate the need for those tedious manual payroll calculations or for looking up tables. Now you can save time gathering and preparing valuable information and reports using our package.” {{more}}

Each section of this programme was carefully designed and tested for maximum data protection and accuracy. It’s a MUST for every Caribbean business…

Payroll Overview

• Saves Time, Reduces Human Errors, Increases Efficiency…

• Extremely easy to Learn and Use – User Friendly

• Automatic INCOME TAX and NIS Calculation and Deduction…

• Keeps Employee’s Salary History…

• Employee Pay-Slips/Pay Check Printing…

• Password/Data Security (Password levels)

• Payroll Wage Sheets (Designed for effective printing)

• Cash Breakdown Report (Down to the last cent)

• Bank Reports (Loan Deductions/Salary Remittance Reports)

• NIS Reports (Batch or Individual)

• Income Tax Reports (Batch or Individual)

• Employee’s Birthday List (Say, “Happy Birthday”)

• Human Resource Hints and Tips (Interview Tips, Motivational Tips and much more.)

• Salary Sheets (By Category, Pay-Cycle, Pay-Scale or Department)

• Dynamic update and storing of NIS, Income Tax, and Salary Historic Information…

• Employee Profile (End-of-year Summary)

• Print Reports by Department

• Multiple types of Workers (Salary, Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Fortnightly, Contract, Yearly)

• On-line Help [F1] built-in!

• Technical Support (Great After Sales Service)

• Easy Setup & Customize Payroll Default Settings.

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