Lenford wants to move back home
April 29, 2005
Lenford wants to move back home

Profile: Lenford JORDON, Georgetown

A family dispute forced him out on the streets, and now the anguish he faces has led him to reconsider his options, “street life” or home?

“This time I want to move back home,” he said. {{more}}

During the last two years, the streets have become his resting place; at nights he finds comfort along the corridors of business houses.

A farmer by profession, he now begs his bread as he hustles to make ends meet.

He prepares his meals in his only material possession – a cheese pan- which doubles as both a make-shift pot and water bowl, although they do not come as regularly as he would like.

“Sometimes I don’t sleep when nightfall, cause they steal my cooking pan wid all my food… Even my clothes off mi back they wah thief. I really want to get off the street,” he complained.

Through this medium, his makes a plea; to his family or anyone who may want to help.