April 22, 2005

Here is a list of more of the people who made a contribution to SEARCHLIGHT

Robert Young

Clydella Huggins

Debbie King

Rosette Bacchus

Julie-Ann Chance {{more}}

Kay Ferguson

Michelle Samuel

Yolande Francis

Hayden Huggins

Susan Lewis

Ifetoya Williams

Marlon Bute

Deon Lawrence

Lancedale Haynes

Saynia Compton

Asha Wickham

Camille Johnson

Annette Abraham

Samantha Smart

Leonet Anderson

Chris Murray

Roxanne Knights

St. Clair Charles

Sheldon Latchman

Anthony Mejias

erald Primus

Sandra Phillips


Frank DaSilva

Karen Hinds

Pastor Kirby Jackson

Dr. Chester Toney

Dr. Eric Audain

Ada Johnson

Nelson King

Andrew Cummings