Elizabeth – Five paw dog
April 15, 2005

Elizabeth – Five paw dog

by Neal Jackman

BE GLAD FOR DOG with an extra paw.

It might seem strange but once you meet this five paw wonder you would soon after notice her fantastic manner more than her peculiarity.

Elizabeth, a very healthy and active Alsatian/Pitbull dog, was given to Lashand and Glaston Pilgrim of Arnos Vale while a pup fifteen months ago as a replacement for a pet the couple lost. {{more}}

Today, this dog proves that how you start out in life is no indication of how you would end up – not that Elizabeth is a person, but the principle within the phrase is absolutely applicable to any one thinking of giving up early on a positive quest.

Precious and Princess, Elizabeth’s pups, couldn’t care one way or the other about their mother’s special attraction. Perhaps that is because that description easily applies to each of them.