Victoria Park grounds set for major facelift
March 11, 2005
Victoria Park grounds set for major facelift

Victoria Park has been the venue of many an epic sporting and cultural spectacle. However maintenance of the facility has become a bone of contention in recent times.

The demand for places to complete activities of whatever nature has overtaken the supply of such venues. Hence the deterioration of whatever little facilities that might have existed. And Victoria Park fell into that category. Every major cultural event has taken place at Victoria Park. It is centrally and strategically located. It is fenced, and has capacity of hosting large crowds. {{more}}

But so has the toll been taken of it, with constant usage and gradual decline in outlook.

The Kingstown Board had full responsibility for operations there. But matters have altered considerably, and persons can expect changes at Victoria Park.

For one thing, there has been a difference in the structure of management, with the National Lotteries Authority acting as an oversight body.

If things go according to plans, Victoria Park will be transformed in time for the carnival festival carded for June 25 to July 5.

By then a topographical study will have been done, and the area would have been refurbished.

But manager Sealey outlined plans for a seven-year development programme at Victoria Park.

Given the National Lotteries Authority’s record, Kingstown will be in for another face change and indeed a cultural and sporting uplift.