Oscar Allen: Don’t accept evil when it appears normal
March 4, 2005
Oscar Allen: Don’t accept evil when it appears normal

Oscar Allen, brother of the deceased, delivered the sermon at the packed Methodist Church Hall. He lamented that, people must discern the evil in everyday living, and be careful not to accept evil just because an Emperor, the Pope or even the Prime Minister or any other leading figure said it is good.

“Does the voice of authority stop us from dreaming and to discern what God wants?” he asked. “Discernment is critical to our future.” {{more}}

He noted the bravery of Rosa Parks who stood up for her rights by refusing to sit at the back of the bus even though that was the “law” layed out for African-Americans in that period. Allen noted that more people with courage and discernment like Rosa Parks is needed for people to correct the ills of society.

He added that if people learn to love their enemies and negotiate their way through conflict instead of fighting, the evil fought in wars with guns and bombs would be calmed with peace.

Allen also urged the gathering to live in such a way that death does not scare them. “Death must not find us concentrating on oh Gawd me ah go dead now! The blood of the lamb is not a bleach it is a behaviour!”