The Christian Children’s Fund
December 17, 2004
The Christian Children’s Fund

What is it?

The Christian Children’s Fund, popularly known as CCF, is an international, non-profit, non-denominational organization which assists less fortunate children worldwide. {{more}}


The Christian Children’s Fund originated in China and was then known as the Chinese Children’s Fund. It was started in 1938 by Reverend Clarke who was so moved with compassion when he saw the suffering of the children in China during the World War, that he sent letters to persons living in the United States of American (USA) requesting them to assist and relieve these children’s pain.

Presently, Christian Children’s Fund has developed into a worldwide organization sponsoring children from various countries around the world.

The headquarters in Richmond, Virginia operates all the sub-regional offices worldwide. In the Caribbean, the regional office located in Dominica serves both St. Vincent and Dominica. In addition, the Christian Children’s Fund regional office has established three affiliated projects in St. Vincent namely: SUB United, South Windward Child Development and the Central Leeward Child Development Project.

These projects serve many communities on the Leeward and Windward sides of the island.


At the individual project level, parents of sponsored children manage the supervision of the project. These parents are volunteers who assist and monitor the project. The project staff is supervised by the chairperson and the board members.

At the level of contact with children and families, the projects have volunteers who visit the children’s homes and report to the project’s staff or management team.

To be considered a volunteer one must love children and be willing to be committed.

The ages of the children range from birth to 16. Hence, volunteers can work in various programmes dealing with children.

Areas operating in:

• Byera

• South Rivers

• Barrouallie

• Calder

The smile of a child is priceless so volunteer to help us – Christian Children’s Fund.