Mayers reopens architectural service
December 3, 2004
Mayers reopens architectural service

Anyone seeking a practical architectural design for a structure that can be easily maintained and at the same time is affordable, can go to architect Milton T. Mayers Jr.{{more}}

Milton, who hails from Villa, is the son of known architect, builder, designer and landscaper, the late Milton T. Mayers Senior.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday, Mayers said he considers himself a very practical architect.

“I give people their monies worth along with a sound building that they can afford as well as maintain at the least expense.”

He is encouraging persons to come to him as he is offering expertise that can prevent a disaster like the one endured by Grenadians during Hurricane Ivan on September 7 this year.

“I have proper design and construction methods that will give you an extremely sound building,” assured Mayers, who pointed to factors like the type of roofing materials, windows and soil as a major contributing factor to a structures’ stability. Milton thinks that there is a great need for proper construction and contractors as he is dissatisfied to see what some contractors deliver to clients.

So let’s learn a little about Milton Jr.

He comes from a family of well established Vincentians including his sister lawyer Maferne Mayers, brother and fellow architect Moulton Mayers and proprietor of Club Marcomay Marcus Mayers. He returned to St. Vincent in 1991 after leaving for New York in 1980. He is a past student of the Calliaqua Anglican School, the Kingstown Preparatory School and the St. Vincent Grammar School where he obtained CXC and GCE O’level subjects in 1979. Before leaving for New York, Milton worked with his father in the architectural and construction field which he comments is, “something that was in my blood and I love dearly”.

He received tertiary education at the New York City Technical College (A.A.S. degree). He was also schooled at City University in NY where he achieved his Bachelor Degree in Architecture.

On his return to St. Vincent, Milton worked with his father, assisting him in the construction of various buildings including the Georgetown Multipurpose Centre, the Girls’ High School, Jandani’s residence, the Red Cross Building and former Speaker of the House of Assembly and Methodist preacher Monty Maules’ house.

He has worked for the Methodist Church on several occasions. He assisted in the design and construction of the Methodist churches at Calliaqua, Spring Village, Vermont Valley and Biabou. He also worked on the Methodist Manse at Dorsetshire Hill and the Methodist Church Building in Kingstown.

Milton has worked in the public service in the Central Planning Division where he assisted the government in the implementation of practical building projects and overlooked designs done by other architects.

After over six years of public service, Milton has decided to rejoin the private sector to assist and teach the art of practical designing. He hopes to give persons construction projects that are financially and aesthetically feasible.

“Construction is not a business to be taken lightly; it is a lifetime investment where everyone’s hard earned dollar must be well spent and accounted for,” said Milton in a release.

He further commented, “Proper construction starts with a proper design that fits your budget and is practical.”

He says that one of his goals is educating the general public in the areas of design and construction.

He is married to Dorette Luthers Mayers, a woman he describes as “the love of my life”.