Intensive training a hallmark of Guardsman Ltd.
November 5, 2004
Intensive training a hallmark of Guardsman Ltd.

by Cecil Gordon and Jemron Delplesche

GUARDSMAN Training School – Achievements to date and the role it plays in maintaining top quality personnel.

The Training School was initiated in March, 2004, after an intensive training session conducted by a certified trainer from Guardsman in Jamaica. At the end of the training session, five local participants were certified as trainers. {{more}}

The Training School, located at our headquarters on Grenville Street, Kingstown, is geared towards turning out security officers who are proud, alert and disciplined. The training delivery is also aimed at instilling a sense of appreciation for work in the industrial security sector.

There are two courses currently offered at the Training School:

1. The Basic Guarding Course: This comprises some 22 subject areas, from security-related topics (access control, patrolling, giving and dealing with evidence, etc.) to personal development topics (qualities of a good security officer, personal hygiene, communication, dealing with the public, report writing, professionalism, etc.). The week-long programme also focuses immensely on customer service. The Basic Guarding Course provides the basis for the second phase of training which is:

2. The Cash-in-Transit Course: This is a three-week programme and the first two weeks focus on theoretical work on the roles and responsibilities of the various appointments in the CIT unit (crew chief, vault cashier, escorts). The third week is on the practical aspects of weapon safety, handling and marksmanship principles. This is done by our own certified range coach who underwent training with BMATT in Paragon-Barbados Defence Force.

The local trainers have conducted four training courses to date. This is due in part to the continued high demand for our services and in an effort to provide our customers with quality service. The Training School has also been considered by other organizations for the provision of training.

With the current demand for our armed guard service, time and effort is also invested in the careful selection and training of suitable persons in this line of duty. Guardsman Training School recently concluded one of these sessions by affording the participants the opportunity to use the skills and techniques learnt and also allowed other qualified persons to improve on their marksmanship.

Training and assessment of our guards are on-going processes and these are reinforced by regular supervisory visits to locations where our guards are posted, to ensure that we continue to maintain the quality of service promised to our clients.