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Guardsman raises bar in security services

Guardsman raises bar in security services

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by Carmine Bailey – Manager

Currently, our primary services include armed guard services, unarmed guard services (commercial and residential), cash-in-transit, offsite data storage and events management. We hope to extend our services, in the coming months, to better respond to the needs of our customers.{{more}}

Our first year of operation would not have been possible without the contribution of our very valued clients. We strive to remain customer-focused and aim to rise above our day-to-day challenges to deliver nothing less than quality customer service and total customer satisfaction, at all times.

We have a strong, knowledgeable operational base and an excellent support staff. Our operational base comprises persons with over 100 years of collective policing experience, headed by retired Superintendent Cecil Gordon.

Guardsman SVG Limited is an equal opportunity employer. While there is an ever increasing demand for male officers, we must add that females perform just as creditably. Our compensation package is above minimum, and we invest in the future of our employees’ children. Additionally, we are ever mindful of the rules and regulations that guide our operations. We place strong emphasis on training and will continue to invest in our human resource.

In a field where discipline is paramount, the majority of our foundation employees are still with us, including the very first employee, Danielle Lewis. To all those persons who have demonstrated steadfast dedication and put in tireless effort, we say a heartfelt thank you.

We are grateful to those persons who continue to make Guardsman SVG Limited their employer of choice even after one year, and we implore you to keep up the good work and continue striving for continuous improvement.

Each member of our Board of Directors brings his or her own area of expertise to bear on our operations. They offer tremendous support and guidance. We also benefit tremendously from the expertise of Guardsman Group in Jamaica.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the unwavering support of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force. The local Chamber of Industry and Commerce has also lent its support in the area of training.

With the help of a dedicated staff we aim to raise the bar in the delivery of security services and change the perception about this field in general. It is our intention to demonstrate that one can pursue a career like any other in the area of security.

In this very competitive market, there is a future at Guardsman for anyone who possesses the right attitude, dedication, an appreciation for hard work and steadfast commitment.

If we could say so ourselves, I believe that we are well on the way towards accomplishing what was intended by the founding fathers of this company.

We have come a long way and with the help of Almighty God we look forward, with anticipation, to the coming years ahead.