Guardsman is about people
November 5, 2004
Guardsman is about people

by Jolene Lewis and Danielle Lewis

The cash-in-transit department is comprised of crew chiefs, drivers, escorts, anchormen and vault cashiers. All our employees are secondary school graduates, while a few pursued post secondary studies at college.

Some of these men and women are ex-police officers with over 65 years of collective policing experience.{{more}}

Each one is trained in the safe use and handling of firearms and are responsible individuals who value the protection of the clients’ and companys’ assets. They are dedicated, disciplined, honest, committed and hard-working individuals.

All members of the cash-in-transit department possess the required competence to perform well in his or her positions and benefit from on-going training that would enhance these competences.

Our clients can expect nothing less than excellent customer service at all times.