Antoine: Never a dull moment at Guardsman
November 5, 2004
Antoine: Never a dull moment at Guardsman

by Annetta Antoine

– Administrative Assistant

I have been employed at Guardsman SVG Limited as administrative assistant since September, 2003. When I began my employment here I had very little knowledge of the security industry and the experience gained so far has been priceless. {{more}}

In my course of duties I come into contact with a lot of people with varying backgrounds and personalities on a daily basis and as I would often say, “There’s never a dull day at Guardsman.” Every situation encountered (positive or adverse) is used to further upgrade and enhance the quality of service being provided.

Being a relatively new company, I believe that we have made great strides and have already proven that we are the premium security provider with our motto being “Simply the Best”.

This could not have been achieved without the efforts of the directors, management and staff and most importantly the guidance of Almighty God.

Guardsman has a lot of potential and avenues for employees’ personal development.

Congratulations are in order for celebrating one year of existence and best wishes for the future.