Scorpio stinging in the music industry
August 27, 2004

Scorpio stinging in the music industry

As a five-year-old, Scorpio was introduced for the first time to musical instruments.
Through the eyes of a small impressionable boy, his imagination was jolted into reality by the touch, sound and sight of a real guitar being played on the streets of St.Vincent. {{more}}
Every Sunday on the way to church he wanted to visit the street musician, but his mother always rushed him off to the Sunday meetings without stopping to enjoy the music of the old man.
Within time his mother managed to buy him a toy guitar. Frustration soon set in after hours of trying in vain to get his little guitar to make music like the old man’s on the street. In total dismay he smashed his little guitar and begged his mother for a real one. She saved up money and purchased one for him with the understanding that he would play in church.
Scorpio became an avid churchgoer learning a great deal from the church band.
His mother and fellow parishioners encouraged Scorpio to further develop his natural talent leading him to learn to play many other instruments and to sing. By age 10, Scorpio was a key player and singer in the church band and choir.
Scorpio left the island in his mid-teens and traveled around the world with his church band. He eventually found his way to the United States where he became enthralled with the array of electronic equipment readily available for his use.
Electronic soundboards and multi track mixers dazzled his imagination. Writing, mixing and engineering became his new challenge. The prominent Miami band, United Forces which he was asked to join, recognised these talents. Scorpio was invited to record with the band and toured with them throughout southern Florida.
His musical organisation and ability to master sound studio equipment led to a full time job with recording studio formerly owned by the late Bob Marley. There he worked and associated with some of the biggest artists in the Reggae industry including Mad Cobra, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Shaggy and Laboche.
He was given the opportunity to write, produce and engineer tracks for these artists. Some of the completed CDs went platinum and even double platinum.
Scorpio recently signed an artist agreement with Stinger Records; a Manhattan based independent label, which he hopes will help launch his solo career. He looks forward to personal successes with his unique musical styles and the future development of new artists. Scorpio is based in Brooklyn New York.