Pan results mix up
July 30, 2004
Pan results mix up

There have been some changes in the result of the senior Panorama competition. AT&T Wireless Rhythmix Steel Orchestra has been elevated to third spot. When the presentation ceremony for prizewinners came off at the Cruise Ship Berth Saturday July 17, AT & T Rhythmix benefited from the adjustment. {{more}}They played reigning calypso monarch ‘Princess Monique’ Hector’s ‘Political commentary unwanted’ in the Panorama final at Victoria Park July 4. How the mix-up occurred will still be a matter of speculation.
Potential Steel Orchestra, previously named in third spot was relegated to fourth.
There was no change with the first place with Cable & Wireless Starlift Steel Orchestra confirmed in that spot.
National Lotteries Authority Sion Hill Euphonium also kept their second position.
The other band in the competition was Elite Steel Orchestra.