Nolly B brings Heavy Metal
July 30, 2004

Nolly B brings Heavy Metal

A few weeks ago Nolwyn ‘Nolly-B’ Bennett announced his departure from the Disc Jockey group ‘Blow Out.’ He gave his fans the assurance that he would have returned.
Well, he has fulfilled his proimise. This time he is with the ‘Heavy Metal Sound System.’ {{more}}
The new DJ crew will feature DJs Sharn Hamilton popularly called ‘DJ Smash’, Sarano ‘DJ Taz’ Thomas, DJ Monty, Trevaughn ‘DJ Wizla’ Williams and a female Kayawana ‘DJ 38’ Browne.
The group formed by Nolly-B plans to be different. This difference is already seen with introduction of a female DJ, a step not witnessed very often in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
“They think say me done but Nolly-B just ah come,” Nolly-B told SEARCHLIGHT.
Vincentians are asked to brace themselves for Heavy Metal Sound System during the summer vacation.