Lavia impresses cricket selectors
July 30, 2004

Lavia impresses cricket selectors

She is a fourth former at the North Union Secondary School. That institution will be proud of one of their students. But the entire Sandy Bay community from which she emerged will be bubbling with pride at the accomplishment of one of their daughters. {{more}}
Terisha is proving to be one of the stalwarts of the Vincentian Under 23 cricket team.
In her first outing at the national level, Lavia became one of the more accurate spinners. She has been named in the West Indies Under-23 All Star squad.
Lavia seems to be fulfilling a responsibility engineered by her grandmother affectionately known as Petty Roberts. Petty is credited with the revival of women’s cricket in that North Windward community.
And her great uncle Boysie Lavia is revered as one of the heroes of Sandy Bay cricket.
Lavia was drafted into the Garifuna Stars team last year. Her progress has been phenomenal.
One person who has nurtured Lavia is former Vincentian cricket captain Pat Fraser. And still with connections to Garifuna Stars, Fraser has ensured that Lavia gets community support. How else could she have attended practice sessions so as to enable her to carve her way into the Vincentian squad.
Lavia’s first bowl produced an outstanding performance. She picked up three wickets in four maiden overs against Grenada. That propelled her to the match award. Inclusion in the All Star team was evidence of her abundant talent.
She is one of two children born to Sylvie Lavia, and the only daughter.
Lavia has assumed her share of life’s responsibility and she is a member of the Sandy Bay Adolescent Group.
She seems to have a fair balance of sporting and academic endeavours. She has proven her worth on the field of play and if she continues in that vein, there is every indication that she will add to the proud heritage of which the Garifuna children are renowned.