The role and function of the departments
July 16, 2004
The role and function of the departments


The Accounts Department is responsible for the safe guarding of the company’s assets to ensure that all monies received are properly accounted for and ensuring that management is informed about the income expenditure status of all funds of Clico International Life Insurance Limited (C.I.L.). {{more}}


The Information Systems Department manages the technical infrastructures for all the subsidiaries of the Clico Holdings Group as well as the Eastern Caribbean Branch Offices.


Mrs. Denise Mongerie-Rogers, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for the management of the Marketing and Public Relations Department as well as the Conservation Department.

Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and PR Department is responsible for the public relations activities of the Company, marketing of the Company’s products and services as well as the marketing administration and support services pertaining to the Company’s Sales Team of over two hundred Financial & Insurance Advisors in Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean.
The Agency Secretaries, also fall under the management of this Department.


The responsibility of the Conservation Department’s personnel is to monitor & preserve all of CIL’s Life Insurance Business. They work closely with the customers, through direct contact and mail, to assess the customers’ needs and handle their grievances. There are four Conservation Officers in Barbados and six Conservation Offices in the Eastern Caribbean Territories.


The mailroom handles all incoming and out going bulk mail and deals with the distribution of mail to the various Departments.


The role of Insurance Operations is to critically examine the methods of managing the risks, challenges and opportunities associated with individual functions at Clico International Life and the impact these combined activities will have on the organization. This is done by examining the type of business the company transacts, the nature of its operating structure and its market position. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of Mrs. Lauril Elcock who facilitates this through the management of five core Departments:-

1. Customer Service

The Customer Service Department is responsible for internal and external customers, as well as the maintenance of the individual life portfolio after the completion of the sales process. The Customer Service Officers are responsible for processing policy changes, facilitating policy loans, name & age changes, beneficiary changes, processing partial and full maturities as well as any payments surrounding policy surrenders.

2. Model Office

Model Office is the interface between the information systems and users of the system. Its primary role is to ensure data integrity, by liaising between the users, information systems, and software vendors as well as systems training.

3. Premium Processing

The responsibilities of the Premium Processing Department include management of all premium revenue remitted to the company, handling customer and agents’ queries, research and support services to the sister companies in the Eastern Caribbean. Mr. Graham Stuart is the Supervisor and is assisted by, Mr. Ricardo Sandy, Miss Keisha Pilgrim, Mr. Fabian Als, Miss Janice King, and Miss Andrea Barrow who is stationed at Clico Bay Street.

4. Underwriting

This Department’s tasks include risk selection, policy issuance and reinsurance for CIL’s individual and group portfolios. Mr. Peter Bourne is the Supervisor for the Underwriting Department for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Territories.

5. Group Department
Claims Administration

All Individual & Group Medical claims are managed by this Department. The Department also manages the Individual & Group Life Death Claim portfolios, Creditor Life and Disabilities Income portfolios.

New Business Administration

The functions of Group New Business Administration include marketing and managing Group Medical & Life and Group Pension Business. The unit prepares Group Medical, Life and Pension proposals, related contracts, and maintains the applicable databases through the constant upgrading of the benefits and members eligibilities.