Clico traces long history with SVG
July 16, 2004
Clico traces long history with SVG

The official opening of the Clico Financial Centre on Bay Street in Kingstown last Monday evening was also a celebration of the “long standing association and relationship” with Clico’s clients, business partners and Vincentian community.
That’s how Leroy Parris, chairman of Clico Holdings Barbados Limited, saw it. {{more}}
Parris, addressing the gathering held on the third floor of the newly constructed building, used the occasion to trace Clico’s history
of operations with the operation starting in
St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1949.
He praised Clico’s International Life Branch Manager Laureene Kirby for her commitment to the company and rehashed her initial contact with the company from July 1, 1980.
Parris reflected on their humble beginnings from a two-room operation to their new threshold.
Parris also lauded the rest of the staff while he noted their contribution to the company’s growth: He acknowledged their sacrifice enduring the inconvenience of the small offices.
Clico has developed it-self as something of a regional body and Parris was keen to point out that they have headquarters in each of the regional territories in which they operate.
The completion of the home in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was not without its challenges and Parris pointed to that in his address.
“This process was not without its trials and tribulations and we appreciate the finished product more so because it’s a victory for the Vincentian community, and the team spirit which prevailed in the final analysis,” Parris said.
The chairman alluded to the environmental concerns which the demolition of the old building engendered. And he expressed satisfaction with the conclusion. Parris noted Clico’s “strong social responsibility to our people and we were very mindful of the concerns and ensured that we maintained the architectural ambience of the ‘City of Arches’.”
For Parris, the building marked another chapter in Clico’s history, but for him it was a deepening of the bond with customers.
“Over the years, you have given us confidence and loyalty and we assure you that the feeling is mutual,” Parris indicated.
He is looking forward to continued service to the Vincentian clientele.
Parris would like to see 100 per cent customer satisfaction and responsiveness, reduced customer complaints and developments of strong customer relationships.
Clico is one company that is ensuring that it moves with the times, and Parris pointed out: “We believe that by unleashing the full force of technology in our operations, as well as continuous product innovations, training and good corporate governance, conditions necessary of a subsidiary of C. L. Financial Ltd, our parent company, that we can truly be competitive and distinctive.”
Clico is ensuring that it also fulfils its regional obligation and that the introduction of the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) does not leave them disadvantaged.
“We believe that our economies must be strong to withstand the onslaught of the CSME and it is our social responsibility to continue to encourage people to provide the financial security through savings which will build strong independent societies,” Parris mentioned.
He projected on benefits for the home country and added: “Harnessing the savings dollars will assist in financial stability of the country and hence make government’s macro-economic initiatives a lot easier.”