Byron always leaves a true impression
June 25, 2004
Byron always leaves a true impression

From shoreline to hilltop “True Impression Drapery” leaves a signature identity in our many dream houses, offices, hotel suites and yachts dotted across the country. And when such a perfect job is done, one needs not question who does the job.{{more}}
Specialising in soft furnishings, True Impression Drapery, operating just off the Vigie Highway, Cane Hall, guarantees perfection at all times with the end result being a flawless finish.
Beautifully designed draperies that caress walls, quilted bed spreads, sheet sets, cushions and clothes are masterpieces produced by the hardworking staff under the watchful eyes of proprietor Kareitha Byron. The “boss” always strives to uphold her company’s excellent track record – meeting rigorous deadlines and producing a quality service that cannot be rivalled by her competitors. True Impression Drapery is the best!
Friends and family fondly call Byron simply, Kay. Hers is a story of success.
True Impression Drapery, which opened its doors in August 1994, was hired to do work for the reputable Young Island Resorts for their first job. And now into its tenth year of operations, the drapery establishment, having satisfied all of its clients, can boast proudly that among its major clients it has been able to maintain the Young Island Resorts.
Because of the high standards Byron and her company have established in drapery productions, institutions such as Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has singled out True Impression Drapery as a training centre for persons desirous of pursuing a career in the field. Byron said that while she would like to train more people in the field, her heavy workload doesn’t allow her to do so.
Very soon, though, Byron will be travelling to St. Lucia to train people there.
After learning of some of its accomplishments, one may be tempted to inquire of the genesis of this organisation; it’s a beginning that was humble yet very interesting.
As a child, Byron learnt the art of sewing during Girl’s Brigade sessions. Having a sewing machine in the home, she took full advantage and by age 12 the lass had made her own dress. So, from an early age, she had a clear picture of the field she wanted to make a career in.
“It further developed when I saw the improvements in the homes that are built. I thought I can give some finishing touches to these beautiful homes.”
Byron started exploring new horizons that became available to her in making her dream a reality. She approached the Development Corporation (DEVCO) to inquire of courses that were available to her. DEVCO sent her to Capricorn Drapery in Barbados on a training course where she was prepared for the long haul.
“I started my business after that course and three years after, I went to Jamaica for further training.”
While Byron’s business may be a success today, her story does not paint a picture of a bed of roses. She was confronted with many problems in financing the business. Eventually, when the finances were allocated, she had to struggle with the high mortgages.
This, along with staff departing the company after being trained, added hurdles to her progress. But nothing in life comes easy.
Byron sees putting the correct prices to products in a small economy such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a bit of a setback. “You can’t charge what the job is worth,” she explained.
Her goal at this point is to tap into the regional market. In this regard, she believes the Government can play a greater role in opening the regional doors. And with the coming on stream of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy, Byron sees new avenues coming True Impression Drapery’s way.
“My whole approach to life is hard work and dedication. People might think it’s easy but it’s not. I love what I do and we always give a good finished product.”
She believes that people, instead of patronising others, should try and carve out their own niche. She is adamant that by so doing this she will reap success.
Persons interested in contacting True Impression Drappery can do so at 456-2870 or 593-6973.