Image to host fourth Fashion Caribbean
June 4, 2004
Image to host fourth Fashion Caribbean

On Saturday, July 31, 2004, The Image Modelling Agency, in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, will host the 4th Annual Fashion Caribbean Show in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
This year’s event is scheduled to take place at the Campden Park Industrial Estate, a venue that surpasses the capacity of previous locations. The standard of “Fashion Caribbean 4” is anticipated to be on a level with many international fashion shows.{{more}}
This year a new mix of designers has been sought to bring a new flavour to Fashion Caribbean. Organisers have already received confirmation from over 15 designers throughout the Caribbean from English-speaking as well as French-speaking islands.
The Image models, in order to maintain their high standard of professionalism, are already hard at work perfecting the skills needed to bring these wonderful Caribbean fashions to life. Patrons can also expect a few surprises throughout the course of the evening.
The Fashion Caribbean Exhibition, which has become a popular after-show event, is slated for Sunday, August 1st, and the general public will then be able to mix, mingle and support the artistic minds behind the beautiful creations.
Fashion Caribbean will definitely be one of those events you would not want to miss, as it is expected to be the focal point of this year’s calendar of social activities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
The sponsors for the show are Neutrogena, Campari, Corea’s Food Division, SVG General Services, National Properties, Roy’s Inn, Cable and Wireless, LIAT, Sedal, Nestle Svelty, Imperial Optical, Pulse, Metrocint General Insurance, Photomax, Abri’s Cleaning and Restoration Services and Mountain Top Spring Water.