May 14, 2004
A view from the NDF

by Hermia Nehall
Acting Executive Director

It was the 1980s and Camille was positioned as executive secretary of the local office of an international accounting firm. From her vantage position she recognized the need for secretarial and management services and therein an opportunity to capitalize on an open and untapped market.{{more}}
In January 1989, she successfully negotiated a loan from the National Development Foundation (NDF) for the purchase of office equipment. PSS was no longer a dream; it was now ready to offer services that included word processing, typing and photocopying. There would be rapid growth as services widened to include facsimile services, report production and bookkeeping services. Camille resigned her position in 1989 to assume full-time and direct management of PSS.
PSS continues to offer its original range of services but has advanced to include the operation of its own Secretarial Training Institute, recruitment and related services, consular services and advanced and ongoing training in Management Principles/Practices.
Today, PSS stands out, having earned an irrefutable reputation as an establishment characterized by an uncompromising drive for professionalism, and a flexibility that allows it to respond to changing trends, demands and attitudes.
PSS and Camille Crichton together proved to be an exemplary client of the National Development Foundation (NDF).
Even after she was able to put PSS on a footing of sustainability, PSS and Camille remained a “friend” to the NDF. No surprise, therefore, that she would become a director of the NDF, contributing in a real way to the growth of our Foundation. She remains committed to the realization of the ideals of the NDF and we are encouraged by her readiness to avail to us her expertise.
Having battled through 15 years of challenges, and to have survived and developed as it has done, there can be no doubt that PSS will be there for a very long time.
The National Development Foundation extends heartiest congratulations to PSS on its attainment of another milestone and wishes it and Camille Crichton nothing but the best for continued success and growth.