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August 27, 2013

10 signs that you need an eye exam

Your eyes are the windows to the world. This saying is not just a cliché. Most people underestimate the importance of having good eyesight. Whether or not you have excellent vision, you wear glasses or contact lenses, you need a check-up on a regular basis.

Our eyesight changes with age. We should never ignore warning signs because it could lead to severe damage. Glaucoma, however, has no warning signs in the early stages (otherwise called the sneak thief of sight).{{more}}

One should take vision seriously. Thankfully, at least for some diseases, there are warning signs which indicate that it is time for an eye examination. Here are 10 signs you should pay close attention to:

1. Tired Eyes – We live in the computer age. It goes without saying that one could easily strain one’s eyes with continued use of the computer and TV. At the same time, if you notice that you fall asleep easily when trying to read, then an eye check-up is important.

2. Headaches – Persistent headaches of unknown origin have often been attributed to eye strain.

3. Squinting – People who squint to read and also those who squint in the sunlight may be suffering from extreme glare sensitivity, which may be due to a serious eye disease.

4. Blurry Vision – If you notice that you have problems focusing and you find vision becomes blurry, you may be suffering from eye strain.

5. Over 40 years – If you are around the age of 40, you may be suffering from a condition called presbyopia. The focusing muscles in the eyes become weak, making it difficult to read. This may be an indication for glasses.

6. Double vision – Seeing two images instead of one is cause for concern, as it nearly always has something to do with the nervous system. It may be a symptom of a bigger general problem.

7. Flashes and Floaters – If you ever experience light flashes and or signs of floating specks (like mosquitoes or flies) in your line of vision then you need an extended eye examination.

8. Irritated eyes – If your eyes are very often red, burning, feeling gritty and stinging, sometimes with discharge. Also look out for lumps and bumps on the eyelids.

9. You wear glasses with scratched lenses – you could be putting more strain on your eyes.

10. Your last eye exam was over two years ago – You definitely need an exam.

Of course, there are other warning signs, but take heed of those mentioned and get your eyes examined. This way you will be well on your way to healthy eyes.

Dr Kenneth Onu is a resident Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Beachmont Eye Institute/Eyes R Us Send questions to: Beachmont@gmail.com

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