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February 12, 2013

How to choose the perfect spectacle frame

Dear Dr Onu,

I recently bought a pair of glasses from an eyewear store and the eyewear dispenser recommended that I choose cat eye frames. I asked why and she said that I had a triangular shaped face. Can you explain to me what this means?{{more}}

Answer: Thank you for the question.

In order to look good in a pair of glasses, one should always take the shape of the face into consideration. There are seven basic face shapes: oval, round, diamond, triangular or pear, square, inverted triangle, and rectangular or oblong.

The rule of thumb is to look for frames that act as a counterbalance to your facial features and overall shape.

Triangular shaped faces want to make their jaw lines appear narrower and softer and add more width to their forehead. Women go for cat eye frames styles. They complement triangular shaped faces perfectly. For men, square frames are very appealing. Also semi-rimless frames and styles with a bridge and temples located close to the top are attractive.

Diamond shaped faces should look for gently curved frames that make the cheekbones look narrower. Frames with a round bottom and square top are excellent choices. Also square frames fit the bill here. One should stay away from flashy temples, as they make the cheekbones look wider.

Oval faces have the freedom to wear just about any style of frame. Just make sure that the frame covers the broadest part of the face and that the weight and size are proportional to one’s weight and body size.

Round faces should choose angular frames to counterbalance the roundness of their faces. The objective here is to make the face look thinner and longer. Round frames will make such a face look even rounder and less attractive. To add even more length, look for frames with a bridge situated near the top and frames with hinges situated above eye level.

Square faces want frames that will make their faces look longer with softer curves. Angular and oval frame models with curved corners look great. To add length, do the same as with diamond shaped faces.

Inverted triangular shaped faces want to add more width to the jaw line and make their forehead look narrower. Select frame models that sort of angle outward at the bottom. Rectangular, bow tie and aviator shapes with the bridge and temples situated near the middle of the frame complement these facial features.

Oblong shaped faces want their faces to look shorter and wider. Choose shapes that are round and vertically elongated. Choose temples with lots of decorations or temples with colours that contrast for an attractive look. Make sure that the bridge is located near the middle of the frame.

Now that you have the facts, looking for eyewear that fits should be easy and effortless.

Have a great week!

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