September 24, 2013

Have we turned over a new leaf in Parliament?

Tue Sep 24, 2013

The manner in which last week’s sitting of the House of Assembly was conducted was a refreshing change from the belligerence which has characterised many meetings of the House over the last few years.{{more}}

The three new senators on the Government side all gave noteworthy maiden speeches, promising to keep their standards high and to contribute to the further development of our country. In turn, the other members of the House who spoke, both on the Government and Opposition sides, very graciously congratulated the newcomers on their appointments.

Last Thursday’s refreshing atmosphere could have been because the more seasoned members of Parliament were on their best behaviour, as humans tend to be, when embarking on new relationships. Or, maybe it was because of the presence of students from the Barrouallie Secondary School in the House, and, recognizing their duty to be role models to the younger generation, they sought to set a good example. Even parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown St Claire Leacock, who sits on the Opposition benches, seemed to feel the wind of change and expressed a desire to move away from his “bad boy” image.

Hopefully, this marks the beginning of a new era in Parliament, one in which the debate is on issues which affect the lives of Vincentians, rather than on petty issues, which most of the time have more to do with the ego of those involved, than any issue of national importance.