December 21, 2012

The Enduring Christmas Message of Hope

Fri Dec 21, 2012

Underlying the usual frenzy of shopping, partying, the exchange of gifts, and greetings at this festive time of the year, is the simple Christmas Message of Hope for a better tomorrow, because of the dawn of a new age of peace, freedom, and goodwill.{{more}}

The enthusiasm of the Shepherds, the appearance of the angelic hosts, and the joy of the new birth in a cowshed in Bethlehem, all depict the emergence of the heavenly intervention into a world that had lost its compass, and to a people who suffered under the tyranny of subjection, division, strife, and economic hardship.

As we move forward in this second decade of the 21st Century, we are all aware of the ills that continue to plague our Society globally, regionally, and nationally, some of our own making, and some the direct result, as some will claim, of our poor choices that have led to the increase in natural disasters all over the world.

The global meltdown that has led to unemployment, and the increase in poverty; the continuing terrorism that has set individuals and groups against innocent people, and drive them to seek to destroy those of different beliefs; the emergence of catastrophic diseases, and illnesses, that lead to a decline in the quality of life, and death; the increase in crime and violence in society in general; the prevalence of illicit drugs that lead to addiction as people try to escape from the reality of life; and the threat to the sanctity of family life caused by the isolation that new technologies tend to encourage; all these ills visit our shores, and can often lead to darkness, destruction and death.

The Christmas Message of Hope that a new day has indeed dawned, and that God has visited his people, is indeed still relevant, and offers a fitting occasion for rejoicing.

May the Prince of peace come into all our hearts at this time, and may we here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines learn the lesson of peace, and bend our shoulders to the task of cooperating with one another under God, and in the Name of Jesus Christ to truly usher in this new age of peace, freedom, and goodwill.

SEARCHLIGHT wishes everyone good health, and happiness at this most festive Season.