July 1, 2011

Happy and safe Carnival


This weekend will see our annual summer festival kick into even higher gear with the staging of the Miss Carival, Soca Monarch and Dimanche Gras shows, followed by J’Ouvert, Monday jump up and Mardi Gras.{{more}}

Eventhough there has been fairly good participation in the events leading up to this weekend, from all accounts spending is down. Vincy Mas 2011 has met our country in the midst of an economic downturn which shows no evidence of abating any time soon.

Despite this, or maybe because of this, Carnival lovers have been throwing their all into the activities, perhaps in a bid to drown out sorrows and relieve some of the stress associated with these challenging times.

Even though LIAT seems to want to conspire against us, we are encouraged by the many visitors and returning Vincentians who have been arriving for the festival since last week.

It is also good to see the resurgence of pan among the juniors, with 12 pan sides taking part in last Sunday’s junior pan competition. Credit must be paid to the Pan Against Crime initiative. Hopefully, these pan sides will outlive the funding for the programme.

There has been much debate about the lyrical content of the songs produced for this year’s festival. That aside, many of our artistes and arrangers have again done themselves and our country proud with the music they have produced.

SEARCHLIGHT wishes everyone a happy Carnival and urges patrons to heed the advice of the Public Health Department pertaining to the safe handling of food and their warning to only purchase food from certified food handlers.

We also want to join with the police in calling on everyone to exercise good sense at all times and not to let one’s guard down, be tolerant and walk away from trouble.