May 9, 2008
Farewell, Ambassador Cheng


Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan to this country, His Excellency Jack Cheng, is in the final days of his tour of duty to this country.

Ambassador Cheng has spent a little over two years here, but has been able in that short time to use his outgoing, down to earth personality to deepen and broaden the bonds of friendship, mutual respect and technical cooperation that exist between our two countries.{{more}}

From the moment he arrived here, it was obvious that Ambassador Cheng did not want to learn about Vincentian culture by observing from a distance; rather, he wished to experience it first hand. On Carnival Tuesday, he could be seen walking through town taking photographs with the masqueraders. His Excellency enjoyed our beaches and nature trails, and loved interacting with the media and young people.

Ambassador Cheng made an indelible impression on Vincentians of all walks of life. We will forever remember the tremendous response of the crowd to His Excellency’s speech at the opening of the Yurumein/Taiwan Bridge at Rabacca last year.

We thank Ambassador Cheng for his excellent work in furthering the ties between our countries and wish him and Mrs Cheng the very best as they return to their homeland.

Mothering – A special skill

The mothers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will have their annual tributes paid to them this Sunday, Mother’s Day. As has become customary, even those who rarely take time out to love and cherish their mothers will attempt to do so in one form or another. Church and social organizations will stage activities suitable for the occasion, while on a family level, the critical role of the mother as the hub of family life will become evident at family gatherings to mark the occasion.

This year’s Mother’s Day takes place in a very challenging environment for Mothers. This year alone, several have had to bury sons who have fallen victims of the gun culture that has enveloped us all. Others are grieving for daughters who have suffered the pain and humiliation of sexual abuse. Sunday will not be so happy for them without their loved ones. Even charming, gentle mothers like the late Lorna Small have not been immune to our growing lack of respect for our female folk and elder citizens. The Small family, too, will no doubt feel the pangs on Sunday.

Traditionally, our mothers are the organizers of the family. Within it, they play the role of food provider. Indeed within our society as a whole, whether as producers, preparers, servers or vendors, women are synonymous with the provision of food. But as prices continue to skyrocket, balancing the family budget requires a skill beyond that of the combined talents of Finance Minister, Director of Finance and Budget Director. Being able to place food on the table for the family on a daily basis is a task that brings with it tremendous stress.

When we consider these things, then we have all the more reason to be grateful for the role of the mother. It is still the care and love of the majority of them which keeps our society from descending into the abyss of mindless violence. It is their sense of devotion and committedness, their skill in managing and “cutting and contriving” which allows the family to be fed. For these and the many other attributes, we have every reason to express our gratitude, to celebrate with them and to demonstrate our eternal love and honour. Remember MOTHER this Sunday.