Dear Pastor
April 7, 2006
I don’t know what to do

Hi Pastor Jackson,

I have a problem and I really do need your advice. Pastor, I have always been a very shy girl and never really had a boyfriend.

I have had crushes on guys as I was growing up but nothing serious. Now that I have finished school and am working I met this guy and I really do like him a lot.

The thing is I am afraid to let him see how I feel because I don’t ever want to get hurt. But every time I see him I get so excited and whenever we talk it makes my day. I know he likes me but I keep getting scared that he will come right out and say it.{{more}}

I do not know what I will do if he tells me that he wants us to start dating but I know I am crazy about him. What should I do, how can I avoid getting hurt? I really do not want to end up like so many of my friends and even women older than me.

Need your advice

Hello need advice,

The first thing you must know is that you must live! It is alright for you to be cautious and even very cautious because you should try to protect yourself and your emotions. But if you take it to the other extreme then you will not really be living your life.

I do hope that you never get hurt or be disappointed but the reality is that because we are all human and given to error you very well may get hurt some day. But hear me, in the midst of the pain you will rise up, continue to live and enjoy life. But if you shut yourself away you will not be protecting but rather frustrating yourself.

As for this young man, take your time and let it flow naturally. Do your own examination, see his personality, get to know him, get advice from responsible people close to you and trust yourself to make good choices on the matter.

Listen, life is a journey that you can’t avoid taking; if you put the directing of the journey in God’s hand then he leads you through the mazes of uncertainty. And even when you make bad decisions, fail or are disappointed by someone whom you trusted, God has given us all the ability to dust ourselves off, get up and try again, ok?

So, my friend, you are moving from being a caterpillar and quickly becoming a butterfly, so fly!

Remember you are traveling a sometimes scary road, but you don’t have to be alone. Surround yourself with responsible friends, leaders, include your parents and most important, the Almighty God who made you, step out in confidence, even into the sometimes tearful world of romance and relationships. You will be alright.

Pastor Jackson

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