Dear Pastor
February 10, 2006
Pastor, I am not happy with my life

I am in a situation that is really confusing me and I will like to get your advice.

Pastor, I have a very good job and everyone around me is always commenting that I have done really well. Now this is true because I do have a reasonably successful career.

The confusing thing is that I am not really satisfied and desire so much more out of life. {{more}}I am seriously thinking about going away to study. The thing is that I want to study something totally different from what I am involved in now. No matter how I try, I just can’t feel comfortable where I am and I am wondering if I am just being immature or something. I have a person in my life and he seems to think that I am tripping off or something like that.

How can I go about exploring what I feel? I am scared that I may lose my job and end up with nothing.


Hi Confused,

If you are just moving on some feeling of adventure then obviously you need to rethink any drastic considerations you may be having. On the other hand, it could be your purpose calling you. I believe that many can be successful and live full, happy lives, but nothing can be greater than when you find what you were born to do, that area where it doesn’t seem like work, you enjoy getting up and going to it….now that is the level of fulfillment that each person should seek.

Obviously if it is the Lord who made you then he is best suited to prompt you, guide you and influence your “heart beat’ as it were, so that you can fulfill his purpose for you on this earth.

Listen, my friend, if it is that you have achieved so much and are still unfulfilled, you are being called into something that may very well shape and lead you into your destiny, why you were created.

I know this may sound real ‘spiritual’ and in some person’s mind quite “airy fairy” in nature, but I stand by it. Miles Monroe, the renowned preacher, advisor, motivational speaker, author etc from the Bahamas once wrote, “when you find your purpose you will never work a day in your life again.” And I believe him!

I have a good friend in Trinidad and he is a living example of this. He is a skilled joiner and it seems like this boy just loves the smell of saw dust, his face lights up when he speaks about mahogany, Purple Heart and all the other species of lumber. For him it is not work, he has to be reminded to go to sleep, he has found purpose!

If you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord, get that on track for he is the perfect tour guide on the way to your quest for fulfillment, and see where he will lead you!

As for the “person in your life” I understand his sentiments. I don’t think it may have to do too much with whether it’s your purpose you are pursuing or not but more to do with the fact that you may be leaving. Can you blame him??

Pastor Jackson