Dear Pastor
January 20, 2006
I’M feeling lost right now

Dear Pastor,

I always read your articles and really do love reading the advice you give. Pastor, I am from St Vincent and used to be a Christian. A few years ago I moved to Canada to try and make a better life for myself. The thing is that since coming up here I have found myself going further and further away from the things of God. I have since had children and instead of bettering myself, I think I am more frustrated than ever. I am considering coming back home to St Vincent. I feel that I really do need to find myself again. {{more}} I guess what I really need from you is a word of counsel or something, I really feel lost right now.

Hello my dear,

You have already made the first step; you realize that you have veered off course. But even at this point of realization and frustration you must make sure that your thought process is not marred by simple emotional outburst but rather is based on a constructive, insightful critical analysis of your life and where you are with your God. The Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth I am sure is daily tugging at your heart showing you the road of holiness and purpose that you have left and urging you to return.

Your first job must be to find your-self back to your God, who will then lead and direct your path. This may or may not include a return home. The God in St Vincent is more than able to keep you in Canada. You will be making a huge mistake if you think the familiar surroundings of St Vincent guarantee a return to relational bliss with the Lord because the devil has not given up his Vincentian connection. There are men here too and temptations are not diluted. True, the larger , faster community may have quickened your spiritual fall but make no mistake if you were here and the same tendencies were embedded in your heart then the old “roaring lion” would have been there trying to devour you the same way .

So the key for you, my dear, is to see where you went wrong, when you stopped pressing forward in your devotion to the Lord, and get back to the spiritual place where you first began and start over again in the everlasting power of God’s grace and mercy. Once that is done, whether it is in Canada or St. Vincent, watch and see God’s purpose drive you forward in victory. I prophetically declare to you what I have been declaring by the Lord this year in my own life and in that of the assembly I lead: “YOUR LATTER SHALL BE GREATER THAN YOUR PAST!!!!!!” . Be blessed, my girl, be blessed.

Pastor Jackson